Friday Funday! The Fashion Tag.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Friday Funday! For some reason it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve written a Friday Funday post, but here I am with a new one.

Today I want to talk about fashion because I rarely write any posts about it on my blog, so far it’s been all about music and makeup. Well now you have the opportunity to find out a little bit more about my fashion interests and style.

Enjoy and let me know in the comments box below one of your favorite clothing piece from your closet.

Happy reading sunshines!


1. I love to shop for my clothes at…   

There are many stores but the main ones I shop from are H&M, Forever21 and Bluenotes.

2. Store you like to visit, but usually don’t buy from?

The stores I like to visit, but don’t buy from are Zara and GUESS, that’s all I can think of now.

3. Last accessory you bought?

The last accessory I bought are Indian bangles for my friend’s Indian wedding and I can’t wait to wear them. I also purchased a saree, I want to wear it because it’s a once in a life time opportunity.


4. Do you own something you’ve never worn? What?

Last year my friend got me for my birthday an edgy blouse that looks very punk-rockish and it says “rebel” on it. Unfortunately, I never wore it :S I like it, but for some reason I never wore it.

5. I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly, or just like to be comfortable?

I just like to be comfortable, I’m not a fashionista but I like fashion. I just don’t put much thought into my putting my outfits together, but I still try to look somewhat fashionable, otherwise I’ll be wearing jeans and T-shirts all the time.

6. If I could, I would wear…..  every day.

If I could, I would wear jeans every day! They are comfortable and you can style them in any way you want i.e. edgy, cutesy or feminine fashionable looks.

7. My closet is mostly full of…..

A little bit of everything, but mostly pants/jeans, shirts, blouses and skirts.

8. Most comfortable article of clothing I own is my….

I was thinking about this one for a while, but one thing that came up to mind is my leather jacket from Zara. Oh my goodness, I never want to part from this jacket because it is very comfortable and stylish. Plus, I feel like a rock star when I wear it 😉


9. What hat would you never, ever wear?

There aren’t any I won’t ever wear, I like them all 🙂

10. What’s your style?

To be honest, I don’t really have a style! The way I dress depends on my mood, if I want to dress up in a cutesy way, then I will. If I decide to be either edgy, classy or sporty then that’s how I’ll dress up. Most importantly, I have to feel comfortable in the clothes I decide to wear.

11. Favorite t-shirt?

I LOVE my John Lennon t-shirt, I immediately bought it when I saw it in the store last year.


12. Favorite dress?

I don’t have many dresses, but the one that I like is this one below:


I bought it last year from Forever 21 for $9, this was during Black Friday sales. It was a sweet deal and I love it because it looks very elegant.

13. Favorite sweater?

My favorite sweater is my hoodie sweater and on it it’s written “Tokyo”, I would include a photo of it, but it’s buried in my closet along with my other winter clothes. Sorry for being a lazy bum lol.

14. Favorite shoes?

My black patent leather flats that I bought from The Bay, which is a Canadian department store. I love these flats because they go nicely with any outfit and plus they are shiny, so that’s always a plus.


15. Favorite bag?

I bought this cross-body bag this year from Bentley and I mainly bought it because I didn’t want to wear my one shoulder bags. I found out that I have a very mild form of scoliosis, so I wanted something that will help me stand and sit straight. Wearing one shoulder bags makes me curve my back to one side and that’s not good. On the other hand, this bag is the one that I wear all the time and I can fit all of my essentials inside.


16. Fave earrings?    

My favorite earrings are these ones:


I mainly like them because of the flower pattern on them and I think they look very cute.

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Friday Funday! Top 5 Lip Products.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Friday Funday and Happy Friday! I have decided to take a break from my usual tag posts and I am going start a new series called “My Top 5”. I will be sharing my top 5 favorites of anything from music to movies and fashion. Today’s post is about makeup, specifically lip products. I own more lip products then any other makeup product, so I thought it will be fun to share my top 5 favorites. I have pictures of me wearing the lip products, as well as pictures of lip product swatches. I put a number next to the colors that corresponds to the lip product ranking in this post. Please excuse the quality of the pictures, my actual camera did not work well, so I had to use my iPhone camera.

Let’s begin!


1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Color – 025 Sweetheart Valentine)

Surprise, surprise, I have raved about this product in other posts, but this is truly the best lip product for me and it deserves to be at number one. Its long lasting formula is definitely a plus and it feels light on the lips. I do not need to reapply the color during the day and that deserves an A+ in my books.


2. Maybeline New York, Color Elixir (Color – 040 Vision in Violet)

I am not a fan of lip glosses because they are sheer and sticky. However, this product is a big exception because it not sheer and it is not super glossy. The best way to describe it is a lip stick in a liquid form. Good job Maybeline!


3. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (Color – 063 Wild Watermelon)

Revlon’s lip butters are one of my favorite because they feel light and smooth on the lips like a lip balm. In fact, I think the best way to describe this product is to call it a tinted lip balm, but a bit more pigmented. The only downfall of this product is that it can melt in warm weather, so if you carry it with you make sure to put it in a makeup bag.

lip butter

4. Rimmel London, Apocalips Lip Lacquer.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the color name for this product because I ripped it off sticker when I was unwrapping the product. The best way to describe this color is a hot pink with a slight red undertone. A little does go a long way for this product, so make sure you put a little drop of color on your lips. I love this product because it doesn’t have the sheer lip gloss consistency, the color looks vibrant and pigmented.

IMG_7893 5. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Color – 460 Pearl Blushing)

Yes, I am sharing another Revlon product because I truly think that their lip products are awesome. This is the first Revlon lip product I purchased and I like it because it has some shimmer in it and it is subtle. I wear this color on days when I wanted to tone it down and not use my other intense lip colors. The only downfall is that it rubs off easily when you eat, but I am willing to put up with that because I will always repurchase this lip stick.

lip stick











Thanks for stopping by my blog to read this post! What is your favorite lip product? Please share with me in the comments box below.

See you soon!

Divergent Movie Review! (CAUTION: SPOILERS)

Hello everyone,

I finally got the chance to see the much anticipated movie, “Divergent” by Veronica Roth and I was impressed. My motto about books turned into movies is “always the book before the movie” because there is usually a lot important details that are left out. However, this movie stayed true to the book, you would’ve gone to the theater without reading the book and you wouldn’t feel confused as if there is a missing piece of the puzzle. I am glad that the major points of the book were not excluded, but as every book to movie adaptation, there were some things that were changed and edited out. Many people compare this series to the Hunger Games and I would like to weigh in on this discussion. Divergent NOTHING like the Hunger Games, they are both different from each other, in terms of the plot and the message it is trying to convey. The only similarity between these two series is that they are both set in the dystopian future.

I’ll get started with the review, but please be advised that I will be giving away major spoilers. Therefore, please do not read this post if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie. Other than that, please enjoy and let me know in the comments box below what is your favorite character and your favorite part of the movie.


When I watched the trailers for the movie I felt like the director will try to focus more on the romance between Tris and Tobias (Four), luckily that was not the case. To me it seemed like there was a good balance between the romance and the struggle for freedom. Before I get into the specifics, here is a brief summary of what the first book is about. Divergent takes place in dystopian Chicago, where society is divided into five factions:

  1. Dauntless (the brave)
  2. Amity (the kind)
  3. Erudite (the intelligent)
  4. Candor (the honest)
  5. Abnegation (the selfless)

It is believed that these factions will bring order to the world and reduce the chaos that the world was going through many years ago. If you ask me, combining all of these factions into one seems like a better idea to me. Every year, sixteen year olds attend a aptitude test that will help them find out if they are compatible with another faction, after they receive their results they must decide whether to stay with their faction or choose another one.

The beginning of the movie was good and the pace of the scenes from Tris getting her haircut, going to the aptitude test, finding out that she is a Divergent and attending the Choosing ceremony was well done. With the Hunger Games and Twilight, I always felt like “Hey slow down, there is more to be showed and said”, with this one I didn’t feel like that.  However, there were specific characters and scenes that were excluded from the movie, which I wasn’t thrilled about. For instance, some of the scenes that were missing and changed are:

  1. The Dauntless initiate who dies on the first train ride. Ok well, I can let that one slide.
  2. Edward’s missing eye. I was actually very interested to see this scene come to life, so I was definitely disappointed that it wasn’t included in the movie.
  3. Visiting Day. This is when the parents came to visit their children, this scene was very different in the movie. Instead we had Tris’s mother pop out of no where, asking her daughter to tell her the truth. I guess it is not super important to have it, but I would’ve liked to see the parents of the other initiates.
  4. Christina and Will’s relationship. There was a small hint in the movie of their relationship, but we didn’t see the conversation that happened in the book between Christina and Tris about Will. I feel like this was an important to include this, because Tris’s guilt about killing Will play an important role in shaping her character.
  5. The sexual assault scene. I know it was included, but it was cut short. I might not hate the idea of that though,because I hate this scene in the book. I wouldn’t have liked to see the groping part of that scene, it makes me cringe.
  6. Dauntless characters (Uriah, Marlene, Zeke). I am not sure why these characters were not included, I guess the makers of the movie wanted to focus more on the main characters, rather the side character. Despite that reasoning, I would’ve liked to see them and their interactions with Tris. I hope they include them in the second movie, because Uriah especially is an important character.
  7. Tobias (Four) drunk. Alright, so the only reason I wanted to see this particular scene is just for the laughs.
  8. Tris’s capture. This change kind of bothered me, in the book Tris is thrown into jail while undergoing her fears. Until her mother comes and saves her, in the movie Tris is being taken away, but before they get her into jail, her mother jumps to the rescue. Nevertheless, Ashley Judd’s entrance was exciting and it still turned out into a great scene, so I guess I will let it go.
  9. Tris vs Four. Alright, in the book the way the scene was done is Tris and Four are alone “fighting” each other, while she tries to make him remember her. This was a very personal moment between Tris and Four, but in the movie they had an audience, the Erudite people. I guess they made the change to be more action-packed movie, but I would’ve preferred if this scene was not changed.

Now that we have talked about the movie, I want discuss the acting because I thought it was great. I had a conversation my friend about the acting and she said that she did not like it, I have to strongly disagree. Shailene Woodley did a fabulous job playing Tris, throughout the books we have the opportunity to find out how Tris feels in certain situations. Shailene was able to portray Tris’s feelings of fear, doubt, happiness, sadness, through a simple look in her eyes and lip gestures.

Theo James did a great job portraying Four’s sternness, as well as his growing fondness for Tris.

Ashley Judd delivered a great performance of bringing that intensity of saving Tris and also reveling her Dauntless-born bravery.

Last but certainly not least is Kate Winslet, who plays Jeannine Matthews, the Erudite leader. She played Jeannine’s role perfectly and exactly how I pictured Jeannine’s cunning, evil personality to be portrayed in the big screen. Just like Shailene, Kate Winslet did a great job showing Jeannine’s determination and desire for control on her face, by simple things such as squinting her eyes and tightening her lips.

Overall, kudos to the cast for doing such an amazing job and the stunts were pretty impressive as well.

We are not quite finished yet, what is a movie review by a music fanatic without discussing the music in the movie. To describe the music in one word would be PHENOMENAL! I truly mean it because the soundtrack managed to capture the intensity and emotions of each scene so well. If a soundtrack from a movie manages to make me emotional and give me goosebumps, then it is top notch (in my books at least). I have already shared one of the songs from the movie in this week’s Music Monday post, so I am going to share my second favorite which is “Find You” by Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant & Dj Zedd.

Before I end this post I want to recommend other dystopian books that all of you (or some of you) might enjoy.

  1. The Matched Trology by Allie Condie. This series about a dystopian world called the Society, the Society controls everything from what you eat, when you fall asleep, where you word, who you marry and when you die. Every year 17 year olds have to attend a Match Banquet where they get matched with a complete stranger. The main character Cassia is matched with the best friend Xander, but for a second another face was shown on the screen. This is when Cassia’s journey begins!

   2. The Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. This story is set in an alternate present where love is considered a disease. Therefore, every year 18 year olds have to undergo a surgery that remove the feeling of love. The government considers love to be dangerous and it has to be removed from mankind’s system.


Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Friday Funday! 42 Beauty Questions Tag.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Friday Funday, today’s post is going about beauty and makeup! I don’t know about you guys, but I love doing these question tag posts.


1. How many times do you wash your face daily?

I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. It is important for me to wash my face everyday because I wear makeup and I want to clean all of the dirt and oil off of my face.

2. What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)

My skin is oily, but lately the oil on my face hasn’t been bad. However, that may be because the cold weather has dried out my skin a bit.

3. What is your current facial wash?

Right now because I have a few of blemishes on my face, I use the Vichy Normaderm gel cleanser, it leaves my face feeling very clean.

4. Do you exfoliate?

Yes, but only once a week using the Vichy Tri-Activ mask that has exfoliating beads.

5. What brand do you use?

The brand I use is Vichy, but specifically the Normaderm line.

6. What moisturizer do you use?

I use different moisturizers actually, but the two main ones are my Vichy Hydrating Acne Care moisturizer and my Korres pomegranate balancing cream gel moisturizer, which has more natural ingredients.

7. Do you have freckles?


8. Do you use eye cream?

The only eye cream I use is Nuxe for dark eye circles, even though it’s not much I still like to use it, in case my sleep patterns make my dark under eye circles worse.

9. Do you or did you have acne prone skin?

During high school my skin was pretty good and I never broke out a lot, except for a few  blemishes here and there. However, at the moment I have a bit of acne, so I guess right now my skin is acne prone.

10. Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?



11. What foundation do you use?

I currently use the Almay clear complexion foundation, it is amazing.

12. How about concealer?

The concealer I use is also by Almay and it is the clear complexion concealer, I love it because it blends in nicely with my skin. I have very fair skin, so it is usually very difficult to conceal the redness, but this concealer is a lifesaver.

13. Do you know your undertone color?

I am not entirely sure, but I think it is a blue undertone.

14. What do you think of fake eyelashes?

I personally do not use them, but I think they are alright. I am not a fan of the really eccentric lashes where you can obviously tell that they are fake. If you use fake lashes, try to go for the natural looking ones.

15. Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?

Haha I had no idea, I just use the one I have until it is empty and ready to be thrown away.

16. What brand of mascara do you use?

Previously I used to use Rimmel lash accelerator, but now I have switched to the Maybeline Mega Plush Volume Express.

17. Sephora or MAC?

Sephore hands down! I love Sephora because they have a wide variety of products from face makeup, skincare to perfumes.

18. Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

No, I don’t.

19. What makeup tools do you use in make up application?

That depends on what kind of makeup, for face makeup aka foundation and concealer, I use makeup sponges. They help me blend in the product well, for eye makeup I use brushes, I don’t really like the sponge applicators.

 20. Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?

No I never have, but I think I’ll have to buy one soon because my eye shadows crease very quickly.

21. For the face?

For my face I have never used primer either.

22. What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?

I like warm colors, like bronze and gold, but I also love using silver and a champagne color. I don’t really like using crazy colors like blue, green or orange lol.

23. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

Both, but it really depends on what I am in the mood for.

24. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

I actually haven’t done that in a long time, I am very careful now haha.

25. What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?

I love them, I don’t like sheer eye makeup.

26. Do you use mineral makeup?

No, but I want to start using it.

27. What is your favorite lipstick?

That’s a tough one because there are many that I like, but if I had to choose it would be the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick. I love how smooth it feels on the lips and I like that it is not sheer.

28. How about lipgloss?

By far the best one I have used is the Maybeline Color Elixir, it is not sheer like other lip glosses, so that’s an A+ in my book.

29. What is your favorite blush to use?

The Maybeline Dream Bouncy Blush is my favorite, I love how well it blend in with my skin tone and it doesn’t look cakey.

30. Do you buy your makeup on ebay?


31. Do you like drugstore makeup?

Oh yeah, for sure. I even did the “I ♥ Drugstore Makeup Tag” earlier this month, here is the link (

32. Do you go to CCO’s? (cosmetic company outlets)

No, I mainly get my makeup at the drugstore or Sephora.

33. Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?

No because I am not striving to be a professional at applying makeup, I just want to be good enough to apply makeup on my face. If there is anything I want to learn, I usually go on YouTube and watch a video.

34. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

Haha, sometimes when I do my smokey eye look or try to do a winged eye liner. That winged eye liner is a tricky fella.

35. Name a makeup crime that you hate?

Overly filled in eyebrows, I can’t stand it. I honestly think it is not necessary to fill them in that much.

36. Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?

I like both, I recently started taking a risk and try out different kinds. I already tried dark purple and orange, don’t worry it’s as bad as it sounds. They are really fun colors to wear, when you wanna feel edgy.

37. Which celebrity always has great make up?

Hmm that’s a tough one, but the first name that pops into my head is Mila Kunis. Her makeup always looks flawless, it is that subtle smokey eye look that I love to wear.

38. If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?

Lipstick and I choose this particular item because this has happened before, I am a lipstick girl.

39. Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

Yes, you have to be confident in your own skin and not cover up your true beauty all the time. In high school I never wore makeup, however I started around 11th grade for fun, but then I realized in university that I felt the need to wear makeup even if I go out for 5 minutes to the store. That was problematic, so this is when I decided to force myself and go out without makeup, I did a few times and now I don’t care and I go out without makeup, even if I have acne.

40. Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?

I don’t like this question because it feels like I’m bragging, which I’m not. However, I do think I look good without makeup, some people tell me I don’t need to wear makeup. I do anyway because I like to glam up 🙂

41. In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?

Nooo, this question is hard, how can I possibly choose??? Ok here it goes, I love Revlon and I always will. I love everything they have, except for one lip product, but everything else is great. I am a loyal Revlon buyer 🙂

42. What do you think of Makeup?

I think makeup is great when you want to glam up for an event or just wearing makeup for fun. However, if you are wearing makeup to give yourself confidence and you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, that can be problematic. When your confidence shines, that is when people notice you and when you feel at peace and happy with yourself. Makeup is meant to be used for fun, not as a face mask. Do not hide your face behind a ton of makeup, instead show it off. Use make up as a way to enhance your features, rather than hiding them, the more natural, the better!

I hope you enjoyed this beauty tag, in the comments box below let me know what is your favorite skincare product and your favorite makeup item!

See you soon! The next Friday Funday post is going to be a DYI project 🙂

Friday Funday! I ♡ Drugstore Makeup Tag.

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the first blog post of 2014, I am back with another Friday Funday post and I am excited. I hope everyone had a great start to the new year, it has just begun and there is a lot more to look forward to this year.
For today’s Friday Funday post, I wanted to do another fun tag that I see countless of bloggers and YouTubers do on the Internet. I am not a beauty guru, but I am a beauty/makeup enthusiast. I love to buy makeup and beauty products, I think I go a little bit overboard sometimes. Since I am such a huge lover of makeup, I thought this tag would be perfect for me. It is even more perfect because 95% the makeup I own is drugstore makeup. I could buy a higher end makeup products, but buying a lipstick for $40 seems a little bit ridiculous. When I buy high end makeup products, I prefer to buy a makeup set or kit, this way you get more for a higher price.
If you are a makeup lover like me and own a ton of drugstore makeup, then I tag you to do this tag.
1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand overall?
This one is hard because I like a lot of brands, but the ones that I like the most are Revlon, Maybeline and Almay.
I have been using Revlon products for years and I love their lip products and eye makeup. The eye makeup is pigmented and this is always a bonus because I dislike sheer eye makeup. As for their lip products, half of the lip products I own are from Revlon, I love how they feel and look on my lips.
I have always used Maybeline products, but it wasn’t until recently that I started buying more makeup from this brand. I am huge fan of their color tattoo cream eye-shadows, their cream blushes and their new color elixir gloss. I am finding myself checking out the Maybeline row of the makeup isle more often nowadays.
Almay is new favorite brand for me, I have used their eye makeup before, but now I love them for their face makeup. I always had trouble finding the right concealer and foundation, but now thanks to Alway my search is finally over. Phew 🙂
 2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
I’ve never had big problem with my skin when I was a teenager, but recently I’ve been having my days where my skin is breaking out more than usual. My favorite face product that has been helping is the Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Healing Spot Concealer. This is the best concealer I have ever used, it has 1% of salicylic acid that helps treat the acne, as well as conceal it. I have very fair skin, so concealing acne is a problem, but this product blends in nicely with my skin tone and conceals my blemishes.
For a favorite cheek product I’ve been loving is the Maybeline Dream Bouncy Blush. In the past I’ve always used powder blushes, but I kept seeing the advertisement for this blush and I felt intrigued. The reason for my initial hesitation towards this product was because I thought the cream consistency will make the color look cakey on my skin. I finally gave in last month and decided to get it because I had enough of powder blushes. To my surprise, this turned out to be a great product and it blends in nicely. Now I have a nice subtle rosy glow on my cheeks.
I don’t even have to think twice about my favorite lip product because it is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. This lip products solved my lip color dilemma for good. I am not a fan a reapplying lip colors every time I eat or drink, it is a hassle for me. I have tried many lip stains in the past and none of them stained my lips properly. This product is different, the moisturizing color balm feels nice and smooth on the lips and most of all I don’t have to reapply the color again after eating. The color may not be as vibrant as when it was initially applied on my lips, but there is still color. I’ll be repurchasing this product forever.
3. Least favorite product?
As much as I like Revlon, there is one product that let me down and that is their ColorStay Ultimate Suede. I like to try out Revlon’s new lip products, so I thought this lip product will be perfect because it’s been said to have a long lasting formula. I don’t think the long lasting formula part is accurate, as usual I always moisturize my lips before putting on any lip products. After I moisturized my lips and put on this color, I noticed the color was rubbing off my lips. All I had done was drink some tea and have my breakfast sandwich, I was very disappointed because as it was said I thought this lip color will stay on my lips throughout the day. Hopefully Revlon will try this again and come up with a better formula.


4. What is the best makeup bargain?
I am going to have to go for Essence, it is a new brand and it is very affordable. However, I love their eyes shadow palettes the most because they are pigmented and have a great mix of matte and shimmery color. They are also a great traveling size and they cost approximately $3. Sounds like a great bargain to me.
5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
The  underdog brand that I love is  NYC. I have been using NYC since my high school days and I think it deserves more love. I have used everything by them, except for their foundation, concealer and face/eye primer. I think the quality of their makeup is great for such an affordable brand. My favorite NYC product is their NYC Ultra Moisture Lip Wear Lipsticks, they apply nice and smooth on the lips and have a nice sweet scent. I actually love it when my lip sticks have a scent, so this is definitely a bonus.20140103-230204.jpg
6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
The first product that pops into my head is the Revlon ColorStay Foundation which is $20 at my local drugstore. For a drugstore brand, this is a price close to a higher end foundations and that is a big no-no in my books. If it is a lower end brand, keep the price affordable. This is my only complaint, for all I know this may be a great foundation, but the price needs to be lower for a drugstore product.
7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!
As I stated at the beginning of this post, I do not own a lot of high end make up, but if I had to choose then it would be the Revlon Balm Stain and the Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm. I personally do not own the Clinique balm, but I did try it in a store to see if I should buy it. I personally do not see any difference between the two, so instead I would buy the Revlon balm stain.
8. Drugstore product that isn’t worth the hype?
I really don’t think EOS balms are worth the hype, I am currently using a Lush lip balm which is fantastic. However, I wanted to try the EOS balm because everyone is talking about this product, truthfully it does not moisturize the lips well. It makes them feel dry and chapped, I’ll finish using the product since I recently bought it, but I will not be purchasing it in the future.
For all the beauty lovers out there, let me know what is your favorite drugstore product? Also if you want to see more beauty/makeup posts, please like or comment on this post.
See you soon!