Foodie February! COSTCO Favorites.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Foodie February! Today I will be sharing with you my Costco favorites with you, I love going to Costco because you can get everything in bulk. Some items are worth buying, while others not so much. So today I will introduce my favorites, unfortunately, some items were discontinued but some of my other favorites are still in stock.

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Let’s begin and enjoy!



If you need to munch one something sweets and you don’t want to be unhealthy, these dried figs are a great choice. They chewy and delicious.
I love putting walnuts in my salads, granola and smoothie bowls. I cannot recall the price but I think it better to buy this from Costco rather than Bulk Barn.
I love Caesar salads, and of course, croutons are essential. I have discovered that buying a regular bag from the grocery store is not worth it because the bag is half full. Buying a package from Costco is more cost efficient.
I don’t always have time to boil and mash potatoes, so buying a package of these saves me a lot of time.
Annie’s macaroni and cheese, and their crackers are divine. I get a pack of these mac n’ cheese for days when I don’t feel like cooking and I need something quick and easy.
I love quinoa, it is a healthier alternative to rice. This costs around $20 but it is worth it because it lasts me for a long time. 
This is my favorite brand of healthy pasta, regular pasta makes me feel very bloated and sick. So I’ve switched to this one made out of chia, quinoa, and amaranth. It is delicious and even better.
I’m not much a soup lover, but this soup is delicious. If I don’t want to have a heavy dinner, I have this soup instead with some leaf lettuce.



I’ve been buying this for years and I put it on everything. On my salads, soups and other meals, I cook.
This is my favorite brand of cereal, I discovered it back in 2012 and when I found Costco had it in stock I was absolutely ecstatic. 
I drink green tea a lot so, buying this in bulk is a life savior.
I love these mini quiches, I make them for dinner or for lunches at work with some salad.
Ok, so I know this product has chicken but before I became pescetarian I used to eat this all the time. It was quick and easy to make.
My favorite section in the entire store is the produce section. I buy a lot of items from here.
A bulk of grapes is always a good idea, and here is a tip. If you are craving sweets, take some grapes and freeze them. They will taste like candy. 



Already chopped broccoli is a time saver, I dislike washing and cutting broccoli so this is great. 
I’m a huge avocado lover when I discovered this guacamole I was so happy. It is delicious, you should all try it!



Last but certainly not least, it is baby spinach. I buy this for my smoothies and salads. 

Thank you all so much for reading and see you soon!



Foodie February! Favorite Restaunts In Toronto.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Foodie February! I apologize for the lack of posts for this month’s theme, but not to worry I will have plenty of posts coming up this week.

Today I want to share with you my favorite go to restaurants in the city, that I’ve been visiting frequently over the years.

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Let’s begin.

1 Pickle Barrel.

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Pickle Barrel is a restaurant I’ve been visiting for years, and I absolutely love it. When I was a university student, there was a location near my campus and I would go there often with friends and family. This restaurant is very affordable, the food is fresh and delicious. In addition, if you need to make some changes to your meal and if you have any allergies or intolerances they are flexible in making the food to suit your taste. If you are on a budget, this is the place to go.

2. Cibo Restaurant.

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I am a huge lover of Italian cuisine, and one of my favorite Italian restaurants is Cibo. The food is absolutely delicious, and I typically go for brunch when they have a buffet style setup. Cibo usually offers Groupon coupons for two people, because it can be quite pricey for one person. I love the food, and I feel like I’ve taken a trip to Italy. If you are in the mood for a fancy day out and treat yourself then this is the place to visit.

3. Sushi Sky.

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I love Asian cuisine, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Filipino food. Sushi Sky is an all you can eat restaurant in downtown Toronto if I can recall correctly the cost for the lunch menu is $13 and $20 for the dinner menu. You can order more than just sushi and the food is delicious. You can get sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, teriyaki meat and more. I am very particular about the freshness of the sushi I eat and this place gets a two thumbs up.

4. Spoon & Fork.

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If you are a lover of Thai and Japanese food, this is the place to visit. I love their pad thai and of course, I go mainly for the all you can eat sushi. The service is fast and the food is delicious. I started coming here five years ago and I love their food!

5. Pizzeria Libretto.

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If you are in the mood for pizza this is a great place to visit, the pizza is so delicious and it feels like it melts in your mouth. With great confidence, I can say that this is the best pizza I’ve had in a very long time. They offer a great variety of topics, so I highly recommend this place.

6. Calii Love.

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This place is a bit more down to earth and casual, which is more my style and the food is healthy and delicious.

7. Kinton Ramen.

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Kinton Ramen offer a variety of ramen. My favorite is the classic ramen, I love ordering the miso ramen. The place is clean and the ramen tastes very fresh. The staff is also very welcoming and service is fast.

8. Asian Bowl.

Photo of Asian Bowl - Toronto, ON, Canada. The interior of Asian Bowl

Asian Bowl offers Pan-Asian dishes, I started coming here three years ago and I love the variety of the delicious dishes they offer. Asian Bowl is located near Dundas Square and you have an access to Eaton Centre.

9. Luma Restaurant.

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This restaurant is on the upper scale of restaurants, but I enjoy their food during Summerlicious and Winterlicious. Those are an event when you order a three-course meal for half the price. The food I had was so delicious and I love going back there whenever I can.

10. Sushi 2 Go.

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Sushi 2 Go is a restaurant I’ve been visiting since my university days, I mainly go for their sushi but they also have a delicious salmon teriyaki. The prices are reasonable and the food is fresh.

That is all for my list of favorite restaurants in the city, let me know where you like to eat out.

Thank you so much for reading and see you soon!

Foodie February! Eating Out (February 5-12, 2018)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Foodie February, this month will be all about food. Let’s be honest here, food is pretty much on my mind 24/7. However, now that I have to eat healthy 24/7 because of stomach, I am going to use this months theme as a motivation to cook more.

Last week was fun because it was my birthday, therefore, I went out a lot to eat. Today I will be sharing where I went and what I had to eat.

Let begin.

My birthday week began with a surprise birthday breakfast with my coworkers at Panagio’s All Day Grill. The atmosphere and food was good and the location is at South Etobicoke near the lake. The prices were very reasonable so if you’re on a budget, this is the place to visit.

I am pescitarian but because of my health for a little bit I have to add protein to my meals.

On February 7th, I had a day off from work and I decided to go to TIFF Bell Lightbox to watch a movie. After the movie I went to the TIFF Lounge to read my book and have a delicious cup of chamomile tea.

Later on that week on Friday, I went to a Korean restaurant with my friend in Koreatown. I was in the mood for tteokbokki which is a rice cake dish. It is my favorite Korean meal and it is also a popular Korean street food.

The tteokbokki came with noodles and some veggies. Typically tteokbokki is a spicy dish but since I cannot have spicy food I requested the non spicy version. My friend also shared with me her black bean noodles, which were delicious and I just try next time I go to Koreatown.

The next thing we had was a potato pancake.

I like to think of it as a giant hash brown, it was delicious but a bit oily. I’m not a fan of oily meals.

Our meals came with side dishes too, this is a typical thing you get in Korean restaurants.

We had tofu, pickled radish, kimchi which is spicy cabbage, cucumbers, and I think we got spicy bean sprouts. I don’t know what the sauce was and I didn’t try it because it looked spicy.

On Saturday I went out with my friends to a ping pong bar and I had a veggie burger with fries. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures but it looked like a typical burger. I always get a vegetarian burger and I’ve tried a few that don’t taste very good, but this one was delicious.

I typically do not eat out often anymore, but it was nice to go to new places and have some yummy meals.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Foodie February! Foodie Tag.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first post of the monthly segment that I call Food February.

I would like to call myself a foodie because I enjoy trying out different cuisines and go to new restaurants and cafes. I never used to be so open to eating exotic food from other cultures. However, in university, I tried sushi for the first time and I loved it. I think this is what made me more open-minded about eating various types of foods.

Today we will take a look at more of my food preferences so you can get an idea of what I enjoy to eat. This month’s segment will include recipes, food guides to my favorite cuisines in the city and listing my favorite restaurants and cafes.

Now let’s take a look at which foods I enjoy to eat.

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1. What food could you eat every day?

I could eat pizza, sushi, and pasta every day.

2. What’s your favorite restaurant?

I have many but I love Cibo, Pickle Barrel, Sushi Sky, Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, Kinto Ramen, Luma Restaurant, and Azura Restaurant and Bar.

3. What city has the best food you’ve ever had?

I loved the food in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia. Portland has an amazing pizza place, called Sizzle Pie and I highly recommend it. I liked the food in Vancouver because the sushi restaurants were always cheaper than the ones in Toronto.

4. What do you get on your sub?

I don’t eat subs anymore, the last time I went to Subway was 2012. I don’t like their food anymore and I don’t find it filling.

5. What do you get on your pizza?

It’s nothing exciting, but I get olives. I prefer regular cheese pizza without any topics.

6. Is there a food you’ve always wanted to try?


I always wanted to try omurice, which is a popular Japanese dish.

7. Tell me about your worse restaurant experience

I haven’t had one, I had some food from a Vietnamese restaurant years ago and later on that day I felt sick. I don’t know if that counts as a bad experience.

8. Who’s a better cook; your mom or you?

My mom for sure, she knows how to make delicious meals. However, I’m catching up with her.

9. What is one food you just fail at making?

I tried making omurice, but I failed. Omurice is basically omelet rice, you cook the omelet and then you put rice inside and fold it the omelet. I failed at the folding part.

10. Name your least favorite foods

I don’t like beans, peas, peppers, kiwi, apples, there is some Bulgarian food I dislike too.

11. Raw or cooked veggies?

I definitely prefer raw veggies, but I don’t mind eating cooked ones too.

12. How do you like your steak?

I’m actually a pescetarian, so I haven’t eaten steak since 2014. However, back in the day I liked it well done, seeing pink in the meat made me feel sick.

13. Do you enjoy cooking or baking better?

I’m not good at baking so I prefer cooking.

14. What’s your favorite fast food place & can you name 5 items off of the menu?

I don’t eat Mcdonalds anymore, but when I used to I would order the cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, big mac, apple pie and their salad with the thousand island dressing. I do not order these items all at once, of course.

15. Name a food place you wish was closer to you.

Sizzle pie, this pizza place was heaven and they made the best gluten-free pizza.

16. Ultimate favorite dessert?

Cake, any type of cake is good for me.

17. What food do you gravitate more towards at a party or get together?

I gravitate towards fingers food, I like getting chips, cookies and etc.

18. Favorite food to eat at Christmas?

I love my mom’s Tutmanik, which is a special bread filled with cheese. It is a traditional part of our Christmas Eve dinner.

19. What’s the first food that comes to mind… NOW?

Sushi, I haven’t had raw fish in a while because I am not allowed, therefore, I am craving it a lot.

20. Do you have any weird food habits?

I do, I love to put ketchup on my rice. I don’t know if that’s weird but it makes the rice taste so good.

21. What holiday is your favorite for food?

Definitely Christmas time, I love the traditional Bulgarian food we cook on Christmas Eve. Let’s not forget the sweet treats too.

22. What’s one food you would NEVER try?

Oysters, snails, and clams!

23. Do you know your best friends favorite food?

Yes, my first friend loves cupcakes, my other friend loves beef, I have another friend who loves anything deep fried and finally Italian food.

24. What’s the best thing your mom makes?

I love the moussaka my mother makes, it’s the best comfort food.

25. What’s your favorite style of eggs: Scrambled, boiled, poached, over easy or sunny side up?

Definitely scrambled, and I like to add some crumbled feta cheese. I don’t always do this, but when I add the cheese it adds a nice flavor to the eggs.

26. Name your favorite restaurant that closed down

Luckily, my favorite restaurants are still open so I don’t have one yet and I hope it stays that way.

27. Do you like your bread toasted light or dark?

I like it dark because the burnt flavor is actually to my liking.

28. Do you like spicy foods?

Growing up I wasn’t a fan of spicy food, but as I got older I developed a tolerance for spicy foods. The hard part is I cannot have spicy foods right and the struggle is real.

29. Do you like seafood?

Yes, my favorite types seafood is lobsters, crab, and salmon.

30. The first food that comes to mind that is green?

Spinach, because I am currently having a spinach and banana smoothie for breakfast or lunch I should say.

I hope you all got a brief insight into my foodie life, and I can’t wait to start posting more this month.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Self Care January! Bell Let’s Talk.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the final day of Self Care January, today we will be talking about mental health.

Today is Bell Lets Talk Day, an important day to raise awareness about mental health. There is so much stigma surrounding mental health, and there are still people not acknowledging it something that needs to be treated. That’s a problem, that’s why starting a conversation is so important. It’s ok to say you are depressed, it’s ok to say you have anxiety, it’s ok to feel these feelings. There is a cure, there is hope and do not let anyone belittle your mental health.

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Mental health is tricky to understand, not everyone will take you seriously or your symptoms. It is difficult for someone to understand what it’s like when they don’t have experience with mental health. Even if you try to explain yourself, they still won’t understand. This can be hurtful, but it is the sad reality. That’s why talking about it will raise awareness of what it’s like to struggle daily. If more people understand, more will be educated about the topic, and know how to help a friend, family member, or coworker.

I’m no stranger to mental health, when I was in high school I battled depression due to bullying. Now as an adult, I struggle with anxiety. It’s crippling, you worry about everything even if there is nothing to worry about. Every little challenge is blown out of proportion and it can be damaging to your health. Some people do not understand, but the important thing is to know how to talk to someone who is suffering. Telling them to “get over it”, or “be positive there is so much to be happy about” is not helpful. If it were that easy people wouldn’t be suffering. Here is what you should say:

1. I’m here to listen, even I don’t really understand what it feels like to suffer so much.

2. It’s ok you feel this way.

3. I’m here for you.

4. You matter.

5. You are important.

6. You are worthy.

7. You are not a burden.

The way you speak to someone who is struggling daily is very important. Saying the wrong thing can trigger their symptoms and sometimes their reaction is beyond their control. The important thing to remember is this condition will not last forever but we have to talk about it. We need to treat mental health the same way we treat physical health. Treat it with kindness, compassion, and understanding.

I encourage you to start a conversation in my comment box. You can say your name and what you’re struggling with. I’ll go first! Hi, my name is Radostina, I struggle with anxiety. Now it’s your turn ✊🏻

Thank for reading and I sincerely hope you write a comment, this is a safe space and no one will belittle you.

Now that we reached the end of Self Care January, I am going to introduce the new topic for the month of February. Everyone welcome to Foodie February, next month will be all about food and cooking. I hope you are excited as much as I am!

Thank you so much for reading and see you soon!

Self Care January! My Social Media Journey.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another Self Care January post!

Today we will discuss social media, and what it means to me now after being part of social media for 11 years.

two thousand eighteen

The 2000s were a pivotal time for social media, it is when the internet was becoming popular and social media was starting to make its way into the internet world. It began with MySpace, Live Journal, and then the birth of Facebook. MySpace was a big deal in the 2000s, you could decorate your profile in a way you liked with fancy wallpaper. You could add music, create a funky username using emojis and symbols, and the famous top 5 or 10 friends. I didn’t have MySpace until 2008, by that time MySpace was losing its popularity. So I didn’t keep my MySpace account for too long and I deleted it quickly. Another social media website I liked was YouTube, I was very interested in anime at the time and Youtube was my source for anime videos. I saw fellow YouTubers making anime music videos, short creative video montages and I thought, “If they can do it, so can I.” I created a Youtube channel and began posting music videos, and within two months I gained 200 subscribers. At that time the word ‘subscribers’ meant nothing to me, today it means profit for full-time Youtubers.

At that time I was very careful and skeptical to let people into my personal life, I used a fake name and a random photo as my profile picture. I was very wary of random people messaging me and eventually, I deleted my Youtube channel because I wasn’t used to having strangers on the Internet messaging me. I created my Youtube channel in Fall 2015 and I closed it sometime in 2006. After a while, I joined another social media site called Veoh to post my videos. I still have the account, but I can’t log in because I forgot the password. I created a Veoh account in 2007, and that same year I found out about Facebook. I was in class at the time, I think it was computer class, and most of my classmates were on Facebook. I asked them what is Facebook, and they said: “Like MySpace but better.” Literally, everyone befriended each other from school on the website, so I decided to join it too.

I was instantly hooked, I loved it and I was on Facebook all day, every day! Fast forward to 2009, Twitter came along and I signed up to join the website. I also made a Youtube account again but as a regular user. That was the beginning of signing up for more social media websites, and I couldn’t stop. I signed up for Tumblr in 2011, I created my first blog on Blogspot in 2010, I joined Instagram in 2012 and I signed up for Pinterest in 2013. Then in 2013, I switched to WordPress from Blogspot to gain a bigger audience.

Social media back in the day was very simple, everyone was doing it for fun but then it started to change. It felt like a competition, Youtube turned into a platform for potential artists and content creators to profit from posting videos. Facebook added the ‘like’ button, and people started to become obsessed with likes and followers. Social media went from being a fun carefree activity to do in your spare time, to a competition. That led to people comparing their lives to others on social media, making them feel as if they are not accomplished. Not only that but cyberbullying is now a problem on social media, the comments I see on Youtube and Instagram are atrocious. Social media does not feel the same for me anymore, but I still use it mostly to promote my photography work. At one moment, I got caught up in the comparison mentality and feeling like my life is really dull. The thing is these people on social media post only the highlights of their life, it doesn’t mean their life is perfect. On the contrary, they could be going through a lot of challenges but they won’t share them online. Why should they? However, you’ll be surprised how many Youtubers post very personal information about themselves online.

I think social media has made people very conceited and the element of privacy is not present. Everything about our lives is online nowadays, that’s why I decided to change my approach to social media. From 2015 I started deactivating my Facebook for three months, I started doing this because I wanted to teach myself to use Facebook less. It worked and honestly it felt so good to get away from Facebook for a while. I will do it again this year too, I try not to miss a year. Last year, I didn’t post on my personal Instagram for four months and it felt so good to keep my life private for the first time ever. Why do we feel like we have to post every little detail about ourselves, in all honesty, who cares about our lives so much? The truth is social media affects people’s mental health in a negative way. According to Forbes, social media triggers sadness, jealousy, depression, and anxiety.

No one needs that kind of stress in their lives, no one needs to feel like they are not enough because of social media. So here is what I recommend:

  1. Limit your social media use to a few hours per day. There is a whole world out there and you are missing out on creating memories and a great life.
  2. Delete any unnecessary social media accounts, that you do not need. Keep the ones that are essential to you.
  3. Post less about your life, maintaining that mystery and privacy about yourself is refreshing.
  4. Do social media detox. Just get away from social media, you do not need it to be entertained. Go out in nature, take a book and go to a coffee shop. The possibilities are endless.

Social media is not bad, there are many advantages to it for anyone wanting to start a business, make themselves known as an artist and connect with people around the world. However, do not get caught up in the negative mentality and side of social media, be careful and take care of your yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a glimpse of what social media means to me! I love it but it’s to detox from social media.

Let me know what’s your favorite social media site, let me know in the comment box below!

See you soon!


Self Care January! Dealing With Stress.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Self Care January, today’s topic will be about stress and how to cope with stress.

We are all going through daily life stressors, and then there are also the bigger stressors in our lives. Stress is not an easy thing to deal with because it affects your judgment and emotional response. In addition, prolonged stress can lead to negative effects on your physical and emotional health. The best way to handle stress is to begin by recognizing the signs and how your body reacts. Being self-aware is so important for our physical and mental health.

When you are self-aware you can apply the necessary coping strategies to deal with the stress before it becomes excessive. Obviously, you can’t fix yourself in one day this requires constant effort. So today I decided to share a list of strategies that can help you cope with stress.

two thousand eighteen (3)

Let’s begin.

   1. Meditation.

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Meditation is wonderful because it teaches your mind how to focus on the present moment and bring your mind inward. It helps you focus on your breathing, in addition, paying attention to any bodily sensations. Are your shoulders tense? Are you sweating from the stress? Has your breathing increased? When you are aware of these factors, you can meditate to bring down your adrenaline levels and breathe. Meditation is all about being aware of your surroundings, being aware of the noise around you, what you see, what you feel. I am not the greatest at medication, my mind wonders around a lot, but I do my best to teach my mind to focus on the present moment. Meditation is great whenever you feel like you are about to have an anxiety or a panic attack.

2. Writing in a journal.

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Sharing your personal struggles with people all the time is not something they are always open to hearing. I’m sure you might have a few people or one person to turn to, but you want to make sure the sharing is not excessive. I started using a journal to write down my thoughts, anything negative or positive for the sole purpose of venting. Sometimes when we are emotional we may say things we regret, so writing in a journal you can write whatever you want because it’s only for your eyes to read. It has proven to be helpful for me, I can be myself and be authentic.

3. Socialize.

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After my friendship breakup last summer, I became anti-social, I started to prefer spending time alone. This is not a bad thing, but we are human beings and we crave contact. Even the most independent person will start to feel lonely. Going out with friends will distract you from your life worries, and make you have some fun. I went out recently for lunch with my best friends, and it made me feel more relaxed. It made me remember how good it felt to go out and have some fun with friends.

4. Aromatherapy.

Image result for aromatherapy

I rely heavily on aromatherapy to relax me, I have the worst anxiety but when I use my diffuser and it fills my room with the relaxing scents, and it makes me feel better. I typically prefer lavender and eucalyptus mint.

5. Adult Colouring Books.

Image result for adult colouring books

Adult coloring books are absolutely wonderful, I feel like a kid again when I use them. The reason why I chose to include them on this list as a stress reliever is because they allow you to be fully focused on one task. When I first started using adult coloring books, I was fully focusing on coloring in the details. It took me two or three hours if I am committed to coloring more pages. During that time I didn’t really think about anything else, but the task at hand. I really enjoyed it and in a way, it is similar to meditation. It helps you focus on a task in the moment.

6. Therapy.

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Sometimes applying these coping strategies may not be enough to cure your stress if it’s been going on for a long time. Seeking the help of a therapist is nothing to be ashamed about and it doesn’t mean you are weak for seeking their help. In fact, you are strong enough to realize stress is affecting your well being and you need a professional to help you. There is a negative stigma attached to seeking a therapist, with the idea of you being crazy for going to therapy. This is not the 1900s, in our world today mental health is more prevalent than the past, therefore, making an appointment with a therapist could be helpful.

7. Excercise.

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Many people say that with exercise you get those happy endorphins, and it is true. I remember a time when I went to the gym and I was feeling very overwhelmed with my job. I had no energy prior to going to the gym, nevertheless, I decided to stick to my regular routine. When I started doing my workout, I started to feel energized. I don’t know if it was the groovy music I was listening to, but I felt so hyper and completed a full hour of workout. I was smiling more and I stopped thinking about my job woes. According to Harvard Medical School, exercise has the capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression and dissipate stress. I agree with this statement 100% it really helps your physical and mental health.

8. Yoga.

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To add to the workout point, yoga is also great because it allows you to fully stretch your body. Any muscle aches or soreness that you may have will feel more relaxed with yoga, and yoga allows you to focus fully on the present moment.

9. Getting enough sleep.

Image result for get enough sleep

Believe or not, but when your body is not fully rested it will affect your cognitive abilities. It will make you feel fatigued, cranky, and easily prone to stress. When we are not getting enough sleep we are also most likely to feel irritated easily or respond strongly to the stressor. Getting up to 7-8 hours of sleep is very important, when you are well rested you will feel better and think adequately about the situation.

10. Nature walks.

Image result for nature walks

Nature has a healing effect on my mind, body, and soul. In 2016, I was constantly sick and also very stressed out from work. That year I went on a trip to Vancouver for two weeks, on that trip I hiked with my friends and we were constantly around nature. I suddenly felt very at peace and forgot all of my troubles. Being around nature, and seeing its beauty was very calming for me. Now, I prefer to go out for a walk around the neighborhood to the nearest park. I sit with a book, or simply sit on a bench and enjoy my surroundings.

I hope these tips were helpful for any of you who are going through a lot of stress right now. Remember, healing and taking control of your stress does not happen overnight. It requires constant effort and works, but it is worth it.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!