Music Monday: Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – Finesse.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday, your daily dose of weekly music!

Today I will be introducing a song that’s trending worldwide and that’s none other than “Finesse” by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B.

This song brings me back to 90s funk music, it is so upbeat and catchy. It reminds me of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the fashion, and dancing in the music video is on point. Cardi B’s rap adds something special to the song and Bruno’s vocals are heaven to my ears. It’s safe to say that I haven’t been so obsessed with a song since Gangnam Style days.

Let me know if you will have this song on replay!

Enjoy and see you soon!



Top 10 Songs of 2017!

Did you guys really think I would forget about the second top 10 countdown 2017? Of course, I won’t forget.

In all honesty, I haven’t kept up with American music this year but there are some songs that I absolutely love. Keep in mind this is a list created based on my own personal preference, and I did a lot of research. So without further ado, here are my top 10 songs for 2017!



1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Ed Sheeran had a great year with the release of his new album, and with chart-topping hits. “Shape of You” is one of my favorite songs by Sheeran, with over 30 weeks in the top ten Billboard charts.

2. Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

Bruno Mars never fails to disappoint when it comes to his music, he manages to incorporate r&b and that retro sound we all love. This song topped the charts and received a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year, Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.


3. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee – Despacito

This song went viral and it currently has a billion views. “Despacito” became an instant hit, which made way for more South America artists to break a breakthrough in the US music market. This was my song of the summer.

4. Taylor Swift – Look what You Made Me Do.

It all began with a mysterious disappearance of Taylor old photos and posts on her social media. Fans didn’t know what was going on, but little did they know Taylor was planning her comeback. Her new image is edgier and according to her “The old Taylor is dead.” Many people say her new album and especially this song was inspired by the drama she went through with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. To be honest, I prefer this new Taylor and her new style of music! I think she’ll have some Grammy wins next year.


5. The Chainsmokers ft. Coldplay – Something Like This

This is my favorite song of 2017, the lyrics are inspirational accompanied by Chris Martin’s  expressive vocals. The song is nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

6. Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

I am not familiar with Cardi B’s music, but when I was doing my research I saw her song was very popular this year. The song has topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks, making Cardi B the fifth female rapper to ever lead the chart. The song won Single of the Year at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. It is nominated for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the 60th Grammy Awards. (reference: Wikipedia).

7. Camilla Cabello – Havana

Camilla made her solo debut this year with “Havana” a song homage to her country, peaking at number one in many countries. She had a good start and I look forward to more of her music.

8. Kendrick Lamar – Humble

Kendrick Lamar never disappoints, his peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Lamar’s first number one and highest-charting single as a lead artist.

9. Imagine Dragons – Believer

Imagine Dragons never fails to release chart-topping hits, their single “Believer”  has reached the top ten in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the United States.

10. Lorde – Green Light

After being away from the music scene for a while, Lorde is finally back with a new single “Green Light.” It is definitely different from her usual music style, but it is nice to hear something new. I’ve always liked it when musicians try out a different style of music.

Thank you all for reading, I am excited to see what kind of music we will hear in 2018! I hope everyone has a great start to the new year 🙂

See you in 2018!


Top 10 K-pop Songs of 2017!

Hello everyone,

K-pop has transformed in the past fours years, there was a time when nobody knew what the word K-pop meant. Now so many K-pop artists are breaking the barriers of music and slowly becoming well known internationally. K-pop is not quite where it needs to be, but they are definitely on the right path. This year we’ve had a great selection of songs that’s why it was challenging to pick the top ten K-pop songs of 2017.

The picks for this list are based on my personal preference, but sales, chart ratings, awards and more will be taken into consideration.


1.BTS – DNA.


Image result for bts 2017
Top row left to right: V, Suga, Jin, RM, J-Hope. Bottom two: Jungkook, and Jimin.


BTS has taken America by storm, this year they performed at the AMAs, The Ellen Show, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel. It was currently announced they are part of the Billboard top 10 for best song of 2017. Let’s just say they are breaking the barrier and making a path for K-pop to take over the world. Their song “DNA” became the first K-pop song to be featured on Spotify’s ‘Global Top 50′ and won ten times at various South Korean Award Programs. Not only that but the song peaked at number one on the Philippines Kpop Top 5, and the Billboard US World Digital Chart. The group will be performing at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, so make sure you tune in to watch some epicness.

2. Twice – Likey.

Image result for twice
Twice member from left to right: Sana, Nayeon, Momo, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, Mina, Tzuyu, and Dahyun.

Twice is one of the most popular girl group in South Korea at the moment, people often compare them to SNSD aka Girl’s Generation. The group debuted in 2015 and they are nine members. Twice is a very likable group and they have many fans, and this year they finally debuted in Japan. They also released their first full-length Korean Album, TwiceGram, and on October 30th they released its lead single “Likey”. Both the album and the single reached number one on the Billboard’s World Albums and World Digital Song Sales. The girls are very successful in South Korea and Japan, this is only the beginning for them. Good luck, Twice!

3. Blackpink – As If It’s Your Last.

Image result for blackpink
Members from left to right: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose.

Blackpink debuted last year in August and they are already climbing the music charts. Their image and music are appealing to the Asian market, as well as the Western music market. Their song “As if It’s Your Last” debuted number one on the on Billboard’s World Digital Song. Within 17 hours of their song release, the music video hit 11 million views. Now the music video has over 100 million views. Mark my words, this group will become an international hit.

4. Red Velvet – Red Flavour

Related image
First member lineup when Red Velvet debuted, members from left to right: Wendy, Seulgi, Irene, and Joy.
Image result for red velvet
Current members lineup from left to right: Joy, Yeri, Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy.

Red Velvet is a South Korean Group formed under SM Entertainment, they debuted in 2014 with four members, but the following year they added one more. They are known for their catchy tunes, unique concepts, and challenging choreography. Their song “Red Flavour” was named ‘Song of the Year’ by GQ Korea in their November 2017 issue. The single peaked at number one on the Gaon Digital chart and number four on the Billboard US World Digital Song. They released another single “Peek A Boo” this Fall that’s doing very well too. I wish Red Velvet even more success in 2018. 

5. Sunmi – Gashina

Image result for sunmi

Sunmi a former member of Wonder Girls, made her official solo debut after Wonder Girls disbanded. For those who aren’t familiar with Wonder Girls, they are a group who debuted in 2007. At the end of their contracts, Sunmi and another group member decided to go leave the agency and start something new. Sunmi has signed under MakeUs Entertainment and released her first solo under the label. Her song “Gashina” was an instant hit with the song peaking at number one on the SK Gaon Digital Chart, number two on the SK Kpop Hot 100 and number three on the Billboard US World Digital Songs. I guess her own boss J.Y Park founder of JYP Entertainment didn’t have to worry about her being successful. The Gashina dance became viral and you can find countless of dance cover on YouTube. Good luck Sunmi, you are destined for great things.

6. Exo – Ko Ko Bop


Image result for exo 2017
Top row left to right: D.O., Suho, Chen, Lay, Kai. Bottom row: Baekhyun, Xiumin, Sehun, and Chanyeol.


EXO is one of the top boy bands in South Korea, but they haven’t had an easy journey with members leaving the group due to dispute with SM Entertainment. Despite all of the controversy, they have managed to release chart-topping hits like “Ko Ko Bop.” The song did very well on the music charts with number one spots on the SK Gaon Digital Chart and Kpop Hot 100. They also peaked at number two on the China V Chart and the Billboard Us World Digital Songs. EXO also won some awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Mwave Global Fans’ Choice and Best Male Dance at the 9th Melon Awards. Congratulations on your success this year, EXO!

7. Wanna One – Energetic

Related image

I would list all of the members’ names but I am new to this group, so I’ll leave it for now. My dance teacher is very fond of their music, so I decided to check them out and it turns out they are a big hit in South Korea. Their music is super catchy too and they are excellent performers. Wanna One is a temporary group formed by CJ E&M through the second season of Produce 101. Produce 101 is a survival reality TV show about various trainees coming together from different agencies who come to perform with hopes of becoming more recognized and finally debut. The public votes for the most appealing members, those who are chosen form a temporary group. The public also chooses the group’s concept, debut song, and group name. Hence how Wanna One came to be. They debuted on August 7, 2017, with their song “Energetic”. Their single peaked at number one on Gaon Digital Charts and number six on the Billboard US world Digital Songs. This song was chosen as the Best Kpop Song of 2017 by Billboard critics. Good job boys, keep it up.

8. WINNER – Really Really

Image result for winner kpop

WINNER is a South Korean boy band formed under YG Entertainment, I haven’t followed their work closely. For that reason, I won’t be listing the names of the members because I don’t know them very well. However, after hearing about them this year I decided to do more research and listen to some of their older songs. WINNER debuted in 2013 with five members, but recently there have been changes to the lineup and there are only four members. They released a new song this year, titled “Really, Really” which peaked at number one for two consecutive weeks. They won two awards on “Inkigayo” and “M!Countdown.” They have a well-deserved spot on this countdown list!

9. IU ft. G Dragon – Palette

Image result for iu 2017

IU debuted on September 18, 2008, she currently is one of the most successful soloists in South Korea. The start of her career wasn’t as successful as is it is today, but IU has worked hard to get this far. Her new single “Palette” peaked number one on the Gaon Charts and raking in ten music program trophies. Congratulations!

9. KARD – Hola Hola

Image result for kard
Members from left to right: B.M, Somin, Jiwoo, and J.Seph.

KARD first made an appearance in the KPOP world in 2016 with the plan of releasing three project singles before their official debut. This is the first time we see a co-ed group in a long time, I like to refer to them as the South Korean Abba. They are like a breath of fresh air in the K-pop music scene. They made their official debut on on July 19, 2017, with their song “Hola Hola.” This upbeat summer track peaked the Gaon charts and the group began their journey of promoting in South Korea. I hope they will go far, they have the talent, the personality, and charisma.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know what is your favorite K-pop song of 2017!

See you soon!

Sources [Wikipedia]




Countdown to Christmas, Day 8! Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by Celtic Woman.

Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope everyone has a lovely day whether you are celebrating with friend or family.

Today is the last day of my Countdown to Christmas, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Today’s song is something a bit more festive and traditional. I chose “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Celtic Woman. I love the choir, the beautiful instrumental and the powerful vocals.

I hope everyone lives in the here and now and enjoys today to the fullest!

See you soon with music countdown posts of 2017 and special post about 2017!

Love you all and thank you for the endless support!


Countdown to Christmas, Day 5! Wham! – Last Christmas

Hello everyone,

Welcome to day six of my Countdown to Christmas!

Today’s song choice is “Last Christmas” by Wham! For anyone who is new to the 80s music, I’ll write a brief synopsis of the band.

Image result for wham

Wham! were an English music duo formed by George Micheal and Andrew Ridgeley in 1981. This song was produced by George Micheal and released on December 3, 1984, and according to recent news, the song sold over million copies as of January 2017. It looks like this song is still a big hit and that makes me so happy.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


See you tomorrow for day six 🙂

Countdown to Christmas, Day 4. All Alone On Christmas by Darlene Love.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to day four of my Countdown to Christmas!

Today’s song is “All Alone on Christmas” by Darlene Love! This song was written by Steve Van Zandt and recorded by Darlene Love. The song is part of the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York soundtrack.

It is definitely one of my favourites, I would say it is number one on my list. I hope you all love it as much as I do.


See you all tomorrow for another Christmas song!